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Central Office Gym Use and Request

After Business Hours or Weekend



1.       Private use of the gym is limited.

2.       Scheduling will be confirmed after approval of this request.  

3.       Evening activities cannot be scheduled to begin after 8 PM and need to be completed by 9 PM.  A suggested time frame for evening use is two hours.

4.       No street shoes – wear appropriate footwear. 

5.       Any food or beverage spills need to be cleaned up in an appropriate manner.

6.       Use of the facilities is limited to the gym area and restrooms.  Use of items or equipment during the activity must be kept within the gym.

7.       Use of the gym is limited to those participating.  Damages will be the responsibility of the individual submitting this form. 

8.       Individuals using the gym must be at least 21 years old; children must be supervised by an adult at least 21 years old.

9.       Damage to the facilities or an extreme mess requiring additional custodial time could result in a $50 fine, with further use of the gym denied.  This determination is at the discretion of the superintendent.


After using the gym, please:

1.       Make sure food & beverage spills are wiped up.

2.       Put away tables & chairs or any equipment used.

3.       Discard trash & dust mop the floors.

4.       Make sure all toilets are flushed and all lights are turned off.


I understand these guidelines and agree to the terms.


                   SIGNATURE         _____________________________________

                    Phone                   __________________


Date(s) being scheduled           _______________________________

                   Time Frame          __________________


Reason for using the gym        _______________________________



          Approved:    yes     no               By: ________________________________         





February 28, 2019

Central Office Gym use Request






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