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ESSA/CCSD #1 Goals


Crook County School District #1 Goals

”Preparing today for success tomorrow.”

Crook County School District #1 will prepare and empower all students for successful, lifelong learning through effective teaching.

CCSD #1 will increase student acheivement to meet or exceed Wyoming ESSA expectations by the year 2032.

"People with clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine."
-Brian Tracy


Methods of Measuring Success

Review curriculum alignment

Interpret district-wide assessment results and test scores

Document improvement using a triangulation of data, through MTSS process and PLC’s

Host community meetings to review data

Accredidation Targets

Align curriculum district-wide to meet the needs of students

Utilize resources and materials to support curriculum, programs and needs of students, staff and district

Assess programs and document program effectiveness

Create long-range plans to facilitate resources which support district goals.


If you need assistance accessing any of the resources, please contact Matthew Wolfskill at Central Office 307-283-2299.

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