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Core Curriculum Programs

Crook County School District’s Core Curriculum Programs


Below is a table with information regarding our District’s curriculum programs.  The table lists the Tier 1 core instructional programs that are evidence-based and are taught in a consistent manner to all students in a grade level (guaranteed and viable).

Tier 1 is general instruction for all students and is designed to provide access to grade-level curriculum. All students are part of core instruction, and intervention is in addition to standards-based instruction. Crook County School District uses an MTSS system to meet the needs of all students. MTSS is a prevention framework; instructional strategies at Tier 1 are intended to build on student strengths and create a foundation for further learning and achievement.

MTSS decisions at the Tier 1 building level are focused on balancing the needs of the entire student population. Critical areas for teams to examine include identification of student needs and the effectiveness of instructional strategies. 

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CCSD #1 Core Instructional Programs (Tier 1)

  Elementary Secondary
Mathematics Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Into Math Cengage Big Ideas
English Language Arts

Curriculum Associates i-Ready Magnetic Reading and Ready Reading and Writing

McGraw Hill Study-Sync
Science Accelerate Learning Stemscopes

Stemscopes -7th & 8th 

Savvas – Physics, Biology, and Chemistry

McGraw Hill – Physical Science

Social Studies Resources are determined by classroom teachers Houghton Mifflin Harcourt