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Melissa Ruml, Curriculum Director

(307) 283-2299 Ext. 123

CCSD #1Curriculum Goals

  • To create a guaranteed and viable curriculum. This ensures that students from class to class and school to school will be offered the same core learning targets.
  • Guaranteed Curriculum- taught in every classroom in every school
  • Viable Curriculum- adequate time for teachers to teach the priority standards
  • To ensure that teachers participate in the development of the written curriculum through collaborative teacher teams. The guaranteed and viable curriculum will be continuously updated based on data and experience.
  • To ensure the district’s written curriculum aligns with the Wyoming content standards.
  • To assess and report student performance using proficiency scales with team-developed common assessments.
  • To create clear and measurable learning targets based on the critical needs of overall student achievement at the school level.
  • To provide additional programs and practices necessary to help meet individual student needs (Intervention & Enrichment).
  • To ensure that instructional resources are collaboratively selected by teacher teams and align with the written curriculum.

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