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Strategic Plan



Preparing Today For Success Tomorrow


CCSD #1 will prepare and empower all students for successful, lifelong learning through effective teaching.

                                   VALUES & BELIEFS                                    

  • We believe that patriotism, citizenship, and a solid moral and ethical foundation are necessary for success in learning and life experiences.
  • Education must take place in a safe and caring environment that values high expectations, honesty, trust, and respect.
  • Every student is unique and must have the opportunity to learn.  Students must experience success individually and collectively to promote lifelong learning.
  • CCSD #1 will provide superior teaching through differentiated instruction and learning opportunities by implementation of the best educational practices that will meet individual needs.
  • Education is the shared obligation of the student, family, school, and community, in order for all members to feel valued and successful.
  • Career Technology Education and technology implementation is valued and necessary to meet student needs.

                                  STRATEGIC GOALS                                    

Educational and Learning Environment

Goal 1: All staff will implement high yield teaching strategies to provide a motivational educational experience as identified in CCSD#1 instructional framework evidenced by walk throughs.


Goal 2: All staff will implement best teaching practices to create a conducive environment to support all students as measured by MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) and WAEA (Wyoming Accountability in Education Act) Growth Model.


Goal 3: Parents and community members partner together to encourage, support, and enhance the education of all students as measured by annual stakeholder surveys.