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We Can Do Better

Posted Date: 10/31/2022

We Can Do Better

As the new year approaches, people are starting to ask this question.

How can I be better?

Lose weight, get in shape, read more, kick my dog less; whatever it may be, we all have room for improvement.

Crook County School District is no different.  We do some things really well, but we could be better.

Each year, brilliant people evaluate everything we do.  Accountants audit our finances, ensuring that we follow all of the rules and properly handle every dollar.  We have to file reports with the state multiple times each year about everything.  From what we are teaching to what we are feeding our students, everything we do is evaluated.

In October 2023, a team of educators from around the state will descend on Crook County School District and review everything we do.  They will ask a lot of hard questions.  They will look at everything, and they will give us a grade.

To be honest, every audit, every evaluation, and every report is a little scary, but we absolutely love it!

Why?  Because we could be better.  We want to improve.  We want to ensure that we are doing everything possible to turn out students who are extraordinary citizens equipped to take on the world.

Therefore we embrace the audits, the reports, the evaluations, and the criticisms.  

It’s not always fun, but it’s always worth it.