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What's Happening At CCSD#1?

Posted Date: 07/14/2023

What's Happening At CCSD#1?

Hey there!  

Hopefully, your summer is going well.  While many of our staff members take a well-deserved break this summer, there are still a number of folks working hard to prepare for school to start again in just over a month.  


Here are a few things happening this summer at CCSD#1.


New Board Member

Last month, Trustee Jagemann resigned from the school board since he is moving out of the area.  We are so grateful for the time and energy he invested in our schools and communities.  To finish his term, the school board appointed Colton Lenz.  Colton graduated from Sundance High School and currently lives with his family here in Sundance.  Colton will bring a great perspective to the board, and we are excited to have him.


This Month’s Board Meeting

This coming Monday night, July 17th, the school board will have its regular monthly meeting.  The meeting starts at 6 pm and will be at the Central Office in Sundance.  During this meeting, the board will be discussing the yearly budget plus a number of other items.  The agenda is available to view online.  Of course, you are always welcome to come!


School Registration

If you haven’t done so already, please log on to PowerSchool and complete the registration forms for your children.  Of course, you can always stop by the school, and our administrative assistants will be happy to help you.


Free and Reduced Lunch

While you are finishing those registration forms, be sure to take a few minutes and apply for free and reduced lunch prices for your kids.  This form can be filled out from PowerSchool and only takes a few minutes to complete.  If you would like to fill out a paper form, you can pick one up at any of the schools or the central office.


Isolation Payments

Do you have to drive your kids to the school bus?  If so, you can apply to receive monthly payments to cover that cost.  You can learn more at


Parent Square

Starting this year, all digital communication from the school will happen through a platform called Parent Square.  You should have received an email from your school to sign up.  If not, please contact the office, and they will be happy to help you.

Of course, as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the central office at (307) 283-2299 or send us an email at  


Enjoy the rest of your summer!