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Thank you to Grossenburg Implement

Posted Date: 10/17/2023

Thank you to Grossenburg Implement

We are excited to express our profound gratitude to Grossenburg Implement for their generous donation of $3,000 to each of the three FFA Chapters in Crook County School District #1 and to the Newcastle FFA Chapter. This remarkable contribution is a significant step forward in nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders in our community.

Grossenburg Implement's reputation as a trusted name in the world of agricultural machinery is well-deserved, and their continued support for our local FFA chapters is invaluable. With this donation, they've provided a financial lifeline that will empower our FFA members with opportunities, scholarships, and hands-on experiences that will shape their future careers in agriculture.

Their generosity underscores the power of community support. It's a reminder that when we come together to invest in our youth, incredible things happen. We hope this remarkable act of kindness inspires others in our community to join us in supporting the future agricultural leaders of Crook County.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Grossenburg Implement for their substantial contribution. The impact of their donation will resonate for years to come, making a lasting difference in the lives of our FFA members and in the growth of our FFA programs. Together, we can continue to cultivate a brighter future for agriculture in Crook County.