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Dealing With the Summer Slide

Posted Date: 07/07/2024

Summer is a wonderful time for relaxation, family fun, and new experiences. However, it’s also important to be mindful of the “summer slide,” where students can lose some of the academic progress they made during the school year. At Crook County School District #1, we want to ensure that all our students return to school in the fall ready to succeed. Here are some tips and resources to help your child stay engaged in learning during the summer months:

  1. Read Daily: Encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes each day. Visit your local library, join a summer reading program, or explore e-books and audiobooks together. Reading not only improves literacy skills but also expands imagination and knowledge.

  2. Incorporate Learning into Daily Activities: Learning opportunities are everywhere! Cooking can teach math and science, while a nature walk can spark an interest in biology. Encourage your child to ask questions and explore the world around them.

  3. Educational Games and Apps: There are many educational games and apps that make learning fun. Look for ones that focus on math, science, reading, and problem-solving skills.

  4. Set Goals: Work with your child to set achievable learning goals for the summer. Whether it’s finishing a book series, mastering multiplication tables, or writing a short story, having goals can keep them motivated.

  5. Maintain a Routine: Keeping a consistent routine can help children transition back to school smoothly. Set aside specific times for reading, educational activities, and even quiet reflection.

  6. Visit Educational Places: Museums, zoos, and historical sites offer hands-on learning experiences. Many of these places have summer programs or special events for kids.

  7. Encourage Creative Writing: Have your child keep a summer journal, write letters to family members, or create stories. Writing regularly can enhance their literacy and critical thinking skills.

We believe that with a little effort and creativity, learning can continue all summer long. Let’s work together to keep our children’s minds active and curious. Enjoy your summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone back in the fall, ready to learn and grow!